3 Dice Games: Threes Dice Game Rules And More

Learn how to play threes dice game rules in our 3 dice games selection.


Are you someone who loves playing dice games?

Are dice games your preferred choice as compared to regular board games?

Are you looking for some interesting and fun games that you can play using 3 dices?

If you’re specifically looking for games to play using 3 dices, you’ve reached the right place. While most games usually require only 1 or 2 dices, there are some you can play with 3 dices!

We’re sharing 5 such fun dice games you can play using 3 dices. Read our detailed instructions for setting up the game, number of players and how to play. Also, if you’re not sure when and with whom you can play these games, read on till the end to know more!

5 Fantastic Dice Games That Use 3 Dice

Option #1. CEE-LO/3 DICE GAME

Why it needs 3 dice: You eliminate dice based on pairs

Materials Needed

  • 3 dice
  • Amount of money (if you’re betting)


  • You can play this game with 1 or more players.
  • Play with real money or just for fun.
  • If you’re playing for money, all players place same amount of bet.
  • Player with the biggest hand will win the money.
  • First player rolls the dice.

Rules, how to win

  1. The highest hand wins.
  2. Remove any pair you roll. The number on the remaining dice will be your score.
  3. If you don’t get a pair, keep rolling till you get a pair.
  4. For instance, you roll, get a pair, and the remaining number is 3 (your score).
  5. The other player has to roll and get a pair, and get a remaining number higher than 3, say 5, to beat previous player’s score.
  6. If you roll 1,2,3 you’re eliminated from the round.
  7. If you roll 4,5,6 you win the round.
  8. A triple (say 1,1,1,) will beat even the highest number (6).

Option #2. BUNCO

Why it needs 3 dice: Rolling 3 1s makes you win

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Materials Needed

  • Table-chair
  • Bell (for multiple team-play)
  • 3 dice


  • Bunco game set


  • 4 players sit on 3 tables

Rules, how to win

  1. The game begins at table 1.
  2. Opposite players are partners. You can also play individually.
  3. Round ending is signified with ringing the bell. Winning pair moves to next table and exchanges places with another pair from that table.
  4. Each player rolls at least a 1 on the first roll.
  5. If you roll 3 1s, yell Bunco (equalling 21). Ring the bell coz you won the round!
  6. If any number matches the round you’re on, you’ll score points for each 1.
  7. If all 3 are same number, you score 5.


Why it needs 3 dice: Need to eliminate bigger of 3 numbers

Materials Needed

  • 3 dice


  • Roll 3 dice.
  • Pre-decide how many rounds to play.

Rules, how to win

  1. Set aside the biggest number you roll.
  2. Roll the other 2.
  3. Remove bigger number.
  4. Roll the remaining dice.
  5. Add up the numbers to get your score.
  6. Player with highest number at end of all rounds wins.

Option #4. LCR

Why it needs 3 dice: To use the actions specifically of Left, Right and Centre

Materials Needed

  • The LCR game set


  • 3 dice
  • Each dice will have a black dot, a red C, a black L and a black R.
  • Enough chips to distribute evenly and preferably the same colour.


  • Pre-decide the first player.
  • Distribute the chips evenly amongst all the players.
  • The first player begins by rolling the dice.

Rules, how to win

  1. Dot means you will not lose any chips for that dot.
  2. C means you have to place one of your chips in the centre.
  3. L means you have to pass one of your chips to the left.
  4. R means you have to pass one of your chips to the right.
  5. Once the first player has rolled the dice, he/she has to move his/her chips based on the sign on each of the 3 dices.
  6. For example, if you are the first player and you have got a dot, a C and a R on your dice, then this is what you will play – the first one is a dot, which means you don’t do anything for that, the second one is a C, so you place one chip in the centre, and the third one is a R, which means you pass a chip to the player sitting on your right.
  7. Once you have performed as per the signs on the dice you rolled, you pass the dice in a clockwork direction to the player sitting next to you.
  8. A key thing to remember in this game that can be a game-changer is that even if you lose all your chips before the other players, it does not mean you are out of the game.
  9. If a player gets a Right or Left, and if you happened to be the player who was on the Right or Left of that player, then they will pass on the chip to your original position. This means that once you get even a single chip, you are back in the game.

Option #5. SPOT/10

Why it needs 3 dice: To make it challenging to add up a total of 10!

Materials Needed

  • 3 dice
  • Money to bet


  • Decide who starts as bank.

Rules, how to win

  1. Each player gets turns to be the bank.
  2. Players have to bet on the outcome of the dice.
  3. Player places bet money and bank matches it.
  4. Player rolls. If it is not 10, the bank-player gets all the money and the other player becomes the bank.
  5. If the rolled number is 10 or more, then banker loses.
  6. If the rolled number is less than 10, the player loses to the bank.

3 Great Scenarios to Play 3 Dice Games

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Here are 3 events, situations or scenarios where these games could come in handy and where you can easily play them:

  1. Play it to beat boredom or when you are on your own: This is a game that you can play with yourself, just for fun, to try and beat your own score. So whether or not there is another person to play with, you can still enjoy playing on your own.
  2. On the way to work or commute/while travelling: These are also simple and fun ways to beat boredom on your daily commute. Perfect to play with a co-passenger!
  3. Play based on the time you have: You can play these games when you have a little time to while away, or for as long as you have! These are perfect to even play in your break-time at work or in class.

The best part about playing these games is that you hardly need any preparation and can play them at any place and time that you want.

Are there a lot of games that are played using 3 dice?

The choices for 3 dice games are probably lesser as compared to games that use 1 or 2 dice as their main connecting play accessory.

What makes these games different versus games played with fewer or more dice?

While these are all dice games, 3 dice games differ from those played with fewer or more dices in terms of game mechanics and gameplay.

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