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Lawn Dice with Scoreboard - Giant Red White & Blue Wooden Yard...
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Is Yard Dice a popular game?

How do you play these kinds of dice yard games?

What sort of dice do you need for lawn dice games?

Yard Dice is a fun and popular way to encourage the whole family (or your group of friends) to play outdoors together. This yard dice game to play on your lawn requires very little setup and can be enjoyed in a backyard no matter the size.

Kids enjoy the fun they can have tossing large dice and trying to rack up the best score, while adults have fun reliving an old classic dice game in a new way. Adult parties can also enjoy playing Yard Dice as a drinking game with shots as the stakes for even more entertainment and lots of laughs along the way.

In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to set up and play Yard Dice. At the end of the article, you’ll also find some product recommendations to help you make the most of your backyard dice-playing experiences and get you started with the perfect setup.

Read on to find out more about Yard Dice games and dice.

How to Play Yard Dice

Yard Dice is known by a lot of other names as well—Lawn Dice, Yardzee, and Yard Yahtzee, to name a few. This yard dice game to play on your lawn is a fun and exciting way to get the whole family involved in playing outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. However, if you’ve never played Yard Dice before, you may have a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to the scoring. Fans of Yahtzee may recognize this gameplay, but for those who are inexperienced, check out our how-to guide below for more information.

How many players needed: 2 or more, but 4 or more is ideal

Materials Needed For This Wooden Yard Dice Game:

  • 5 large yard dice (homemade or store bought)
  • Dry erase board or other large scoring sheets (posterboard is also an option)
  • Markers for scoring
  • Plastic bucket
  • Tarp or other large, smooth surface in the yard (plywood, outdoor rugs, and plastic sheets are good alternatives)


  • To get started, begin by setting up your play and scoring area.
  • Spread the tarp over the ground to cover up any larger obstacles that may be in the way of your dice rolling. If the grass is too long or the yard is too rocky, the dice may not lay flat, and the game may be less fun because of this.
  • Place all of your yard dice in the plastic bucket.
  • Have all of the players take turns throwing one yard die to see who gets the highest number. That person will go first.

Directions and Scoring:

  • This yard dice game to play on your lawn is played just like regular, classic Yahtzee, but on a much larger scale.
  • Just like in Yahtzee, the point of the game is to look for dice groups that will land you the biggest score.
  • The first player rolls the yard dice by dumping or tossing them out of the bucket.
  • The player looks for groups that will give them a score. They can choose to set aside any number of dice from their first roll, then roll the remaining dice.
  • This can be repeated once more (for a total of three rolls per turn) in order to achieve the most scoring combinations.
  • The scoring is as follows:
    • For the upper section, players total only the numbers specified on the roll they’re trying to achieve. For example, for the 4’s category, if you roll three 4’s, a 5, and a 2, you can only total the three 4’s. Your points for the 4’s category then equal 12.
    • If the upper scores total 63 or more points, you earn a bonus of 35 points for the round.
    • For the lower section, you are trying to match specific “hands” in your rolls. For example, going for three-of-a-kind or four-of-a-kind can earn you more points.
    • A straight (5 consecutive numbers) or a small straight (4 consecutive numbers) earns 40 or 30 points, respectively.
    • Five-of-a-kind is a Yahtzee, which earns fifty points. If you roll one Yahtzee and then roll another one later in the same game, you earn a 100 point bonus for the additional Yahtzee.

How to Win:

  • The winner of Yard Dice is the person with the highest score after everyone has filled all of the boxes on their scorecards.
  • Note: Scoring Yahtzee is complicated and may take some time to get the hang of. Try a few practice rounds of Yard Dice before you have a true game.

Try Your Luck With Yard Dice Games To Play On Your Lawn Today

Now that you’ve learned how to play Yard Dice, it’s time to pick up a set of dice cubes and give it a try for yourself! Below, we’ve put together a list of five of our favorite products to help you get started. These are all excellent choices for those looking to stock up on some dice for their Yard Dice games, so take your time checking them out to pick the ones you like the best.

And don’t forget to grab a tarp and a dry erase board or other scoreboard while you’re at it!

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Yard Dice Games #1. Oojami Giant Wooden Yard Dice

Oojami Giant Wooden Yard Dice with Carrying Canvas Bag

These Oojami Giant Wooden yard Dice feature heat-branded pips that won’t scrape or wash off when used outdoors. The dice are made of light wood and are easy to see against most types of terrain. They’re sure to make your next game even more enjoyable than the last.


  • These dice come with a durable carrying bag that makes transportation easier than ever before.
  • The dice are lightweight and easy to roll, even for the little members of the family.


  • The dice may turn green from use in the grass over time.
  • In some instances, the dice have been known to crack.

Yard Dice Games #2. Play Platoon Lawn Dice with Scoreboard

Lawn Dice with Scoreboard - Giant Red White & Blue Wooden Yard...

Try the Play Platoon Lawn Dice with Scoreboard, if you’re looking for a Yard Dice game that’s all ready to use right out of the box! This yard dice game set comes with six durable wood dice with painted red, white, and blue finishes. It also includes a scorecard pre-printed with Yahtzee instructions.


  • This yard dice game set is also available in unfinished wood for those who want to paint their own dice.
  • The dice are durable and hold up to plenty of use outdoors.


  • The scoreboard is quite small and may be hard for some players to see well.
  • The dots may be difficult to see against the blue dice.

Yard Dice Games #3. Get Out! Giant Yard Dice 6-Pack Set

Get Out! Giant Yard Dice 6-Pack Set – Jumbo Outdoor Lawn Game,...

The Get Out! Giant Yard Dice 6-Pack Set comes with six sturdy wooden dice and a carrying bag to meet all your needs. The dice are large enough to be visible against the grass but small enough that little hands can throw them easily when the whole family gets involved in a game.


  • These are lightweight but long-lasting dice.
  • The edges are slightly rounded to make the dice roll more easily on the grass.


  • The score cards are small and must be ordered separately from the dice.
  • The dice may arrive with some damage or chipped paint in some instances.

Yard Dice Games #4. Giant Wooden Yard Dice with Laminated Scoresheets

Giant 3.5' Wooden Yard Dice with Laminated Yardzee and Farkle...

Try this yard dice game set of Giant Wooden Yard Dice with Laminated Scoresheets when you’re looking for everything you need and more in one handy package. This yard dice game set of six dice comes with a carrying bag as well as scoresheets that can be written on with dry erase marker and then erased for use over and over again.


  • This yard dice game set is easy to use right out of the box and includes simple scoring directions.
  • The rounded dice roll smoothly and can be finished if desired.


  • The dice may sometimes arrive missing pieces.
  • The dice may not roll well on rough yards.

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Yard Dice Games #5. Snake Eyes Yard Dice

Snake Eyes Yard Dice - Made in The USA

If you’d prefer to buy a natural wood dice set that is already stained and finished, check out these Snake Eyes Yard Dice . This yard dice game set is designed specifically for use when playing Snake Eyes, but can be used for Yardzee as well without any major changes. These dice are hardy, durable, and look great against any backyard décor.


  • The dice come with a stylish drawstring bag made of jute.
  • The dice feature heat branding instead of painting, so you don’t have to worry about the spots rubbing away over time.


  • This offer is a very expensive set of yard dice in comparison to others on the market.
  • The dice don’t come with any extras.

And here are a few tutorials to learn how to make your own DIY lawn dice:

  • Giant Glow in the Dark Yard Dice
  • Lawn Size Dice
  • DIY Yard Dice

Remember that, whether you choose to make your own yard dice or buy some premade ones instead, Yard Yahtzee is only one of many games you can enjoy playing with your friends and family. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try some of your other favorite classic dice games with your oversized backyard dice!

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