Dice Games Bunco: How To Play Bunco

Learn how to play Bunco dice games in our dice game bunco rules tutorial.


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Are you looking for instructions to play Bunco?

Are you confused about how to play?

Do you want some Bunco games online?

Whether you’re planning to play it for the first time, or want some good Bunco games online, we will help you with both these in this article.

Today, we are sharing very detailed but easy to understand rules that will help you play Bunco. From setting up to keeping score to winning, we share it all. We’re also reviewing 5 best Bunco sets you can buy online.

How To Play Bunco: All You Need To Know

  • Bunco is a game usually played with 12 or more players. This offer involves scoring more points than your opponent by rolling dice.
  • It originated as ‘eight dice cloth’ in 19th century England.

How to play Bunco:

Number of players

This game is best played with multiples of 4 players, such as 8 or 12.

Materials Needed

  • Table chair
  • 3 dice
  • Pen-paper to keep score for the game
  • Individual scorecards for each player
  • Bell/any object to make notify winning sound

Setting up new round

  • Divide players into groups of 4.
  • With 12 players, you will get 3 teams of 4 players each.
  • Now, in each group, divide the players into 2 teams.
  • This means that, in each table, you will have 2 teams.
  • Team members have to sit across each other.
  • Designate one table as the HEAD TABLE.
  • The remaining 2 tables will be numbered as Table 1 and Table 2.
  • Decide which player at the HEAD TABLE will begin the game.

Step by Step Instructions How To Play Bunco

  • The game begins with the first player, player A, rolling the dice.
  • The objective of the players in the first round will be to roll a 1.
  • Each time the player rolls 1, the team scores 1 point.
  • When you get at least 1 point in a roll, you can roll again.
  • This means that, if you are playing round 1, and you roll a 1, you get to roll again.
  • If you do not get a score when you roll, you have to hand over the dice to the player sitting on your left.
  • Jot down the points scored by player A.
  • The points scored by player A will go to Team 1.
  • Player B starts to roll and continues to roll until no points are scored.
  • The points will be noted at the end of player B’s turn.
  • All players at the HEAD TABLE will have to keep going clock-wise and continue rolling and scoring, till one team reaches the score of 21.
  • As soon as a team on the table scores 21 or more points, they have to make a sound that will signal that they have won the round.
  • At this point, any player who is rolling at another table gets to finish that roll.
  • Once this player does not score any point, the table’s round will be over (since someone has already signalled a win at another table).
  • Players will also have to fill in their personal scorecard that signifies the team’s wins and losses, as well as their personal Bunco.
  • At the end of each round, every player from the winning team for that particular round will have to record a W that signifies a Win in that round.
  • At the end of each round, every player from the losing team for that particular round will have to record an L that signifies a Loss in that round.
  • Any player who got a Bunco in that round will tally it in the Bunco part of the scorecard.

Switching the teams and tables:

  • After each round is over, players will have to switch their tables as well as change their partners.
  • Now, the winning team from Table 1 will go over to the HEAD TABLE.
  • The winning team from Table 2 will go over to Table 1.
  • The losing team from the HEAD TABLE will go over to Table 2.
  • One of the players from the team that is still at the same table will move to the adjacent seat at the same table.
  • The other players who are switching tables will take up the empty seats.
  • Once all the switches are made, each player will get a new partner to team up with for each round.

Rounds will stop when any team sitting at the HEAD TABLE reaches 21 points or more.

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How to keep score?

Here is how you can score at playing Bunco:

  • Round 1 – 1s
  • Round 2 – 2s
  • Round 3 – 3s
  • Round 4 – 4s
  • Round 5 – 5s
  • Round 6 – 6s

The above scoring chart means that, if you roll the same number that corresponds to the round you are playing, you will score that many points.

Getting a Bunco:

  • If you score all three dice in a corresponding round number, then you get a Bunco.
  • For instance, if you roll three 1s in round 1, then you get a Bunco.
  • Rolling a Bunco will get you 21 points.
  • If you roll all three dice in a same number, but it is not the same number as the round you are playing, you will still get 5 points.
  • For instance, if you roll three 3s in in round 1, you will score 5 points.

1 player at each table has to keep score.

In case of a tie:

  • Each player will get another turn to roll.
  • The team that scores more points after the 4 rolls will win the round.

How To Play Bunco And WIN:

  • The objective of the game is to win more points, which you can do by scoring more than your opponent.
  • You can gain points by rolling the same numbers as the round you are in.
  • For instance, if you are playing in round 2, and you roll two 2s, you will get 2 points.
  • Also, in this case, you get to roll again.
  • Players who get the most Wins or the most Buncos are the winners.

Winning example: Round 1, HEAD TABLE:

  • Player A rolls dice and scores 4 points, which are noted under Team 1 score.
  • Player B rolls the dice and gets 1 point. This is noted under Team 2 score.
  • Now Player C rolls the dice and gets 2 points.
  • Team A adds 2 to their previous score of 4 and write down 6 in their scorecard.
  • Player D rolls the dice, scores 1, and the total for Team 2 becomes 2.
  • Player A gets 3 points, making a total of 9 for Team 1.
  • Player B gets a Bunco with 5 points making a total of 7 for Team 2.
  • Player C gets 5 points making a total of 14 for Team 1.
  • Player D gets a Bunco, let’s say all 1s, and gets a score of 21 points.
  • This makes the total score for Team 2 as 28.
  • The team makes a sound to signal that the round is over.
  • Team 2 is the winner here.
  • Player B will mark a W on his/her scorecard for round 1.
  • Player D will mark a W and will tally a Bunco for round 1.
  • Player A and player C will mark an L for round 1.

5 Fun Bunco Dice Game Sets on Amazon

Option #1. Deluxe Bunco Game in Tin Container by Cardinal Industries

This game comes in a decorative tin with score sheets, dice in a handy pouch and a bell. It is suitable for ages 7 and up and can be played till up to 12 players.


  • Handy set
  • Easy to store
  • Good starter kit


  • Score sheet is not adequate

Option #2. Box of Bunco Game by Continuum Games

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This game comes with [amazon link=”B078SHS91L” title=”9 dice” /] in different colours, 3 dice cups, a bell, score pad as well as instruction manual. This choice can be played by up to 12 players and is suitable for ages 13 and above.


  • Good quality
  • Colour coded
  • Perfect for families


  • Too kiddish

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Option #3. Bunco Party in Box by Fundex

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The set comes with dice, bell, score cards and instruction manual. This offer can be played till up to 12 players and is suitable for players aged 8 and above.


  • Easy storage
  • Self-sufficient kit
  • Easy instructions


  • Not the best quality bell

Option #4. It’s Bunco Time by TaliCor

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This game comes with a [amazon link=”B00004T3GM” title=”traveling dice” /], bell, 9 dice, tally paper, scorecards, pencils and rules. This option can be played till up to 12 players and is suitable for players aged 10 and above.


  • Portable
  • Self-sufficient kit
  • Easy instructions


  • Choose vendor carefully

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Option #5. Bunco Party Ultimate Dice Game by Ideal

This game comes with 9 dice, bell, 12 invitations, instructions and more. You can play with up to 12 players who are above the age of 8.


  • Complete kit
  • Easy instructions
  • Compact


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With our easy guide at hand and different online Bunco games to choose from, try out one that you feel will suit you the most, and get playing!

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