Rpg Dice Games: Best Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Uncover the best tabletop dice game RPGs in our best roleplaying dice game list.


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What are RPG dice games?

How do you play them?

What kinds of audiences often enjoy these games?

RPG dice games are tabletop role-playing games. They are often very involved games with detailed stories, role-playing as your character or characters, and fantasy or sci-fi elements. These games also involve fighting against monsters and villains using the probability and random chance of dice throws.

This type of game is popular among the “geek” crowd, but has crept more and more into common use as well. Families, friend groups, and clubs devoted specifically to these types of games all play them, and they are becoming more popular than ever before.

Take a look at our top picks for dice RPG games below.

Option #1. Fate Core System

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[amazon link=”1613170297″ title=”The Fate Core System” /] rule book gives players everything they need to understand how to play the Fate series of role-playing games. These games are designed for ages 12 and up and are therefore a little easier to follow than some others out there. A game typically takes 2 to 8 hours and is a great way to bond with the whole family.


  • This offer is an excellent gateway game for those interested in RPG gaming.
  • The included pre-made templates are thorough while still allowing room for creativity.


  • The book may become unbound easily.
  • The rules may be a little complicated at first, although they become easier in practice.

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Option #2. Fiasco Role Playing Game

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[amazon link=”1934859397″ title=”Fiasco Role Playing Game” /] is a little different from most fantasy-style RPGs. This game is a short, three-hour campaign that can be enjoyed with no prep work and no character creation. Grab your character role from the preset options included and get started playing right away.


  • This is the ideal improv RPG for a quick game night.
  • The game is chaotic, fun, and never the same twice.


  • Dice are not included.
  • The rules are lengthy and confusing to new players who are inexperienced with tabletop role-playing.

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Option #3. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

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Fans of Star Wars are sure to love the [amazon link=”1616615931″ title=”Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game” /]. This is a standalone adventure that doesn’t require the purchase of any additional items to play through the whole game. This option includes everything needed and is very accessible and easy to learn for new players.

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  • This game is meant for ages 14 and up, so it’s a little less confusing than some others listed here.
  • The game comes with a rule book, character creation guides, dice, maps, and more.


  • The game plays too quickly for many players.
  • There are not a lot of “bad guy” options for this game.

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Option #4. D&D Player’s Handbook

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The [amazon link=”0786965606″ title=”D&D Player’s Handbook” /] is the quintessential guide to playing a tabletop dice-based RPG. This is the handbook required for the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and it provides a perfect jumping off point for those new to the world of dice RPGs.


  • This edition of D&D provides an easily accessible version for new players to enjoy.
  • The book itself is great quality and is hardcover.


  • The game may have too many rules that older players might dislike.
  • The game’s character creation maybe a little counter intuitive.

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Option #5. 13th Age RPG Core Book

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The [amazon link=”190898340X” title=”13th Age RPG Core Book” /] is a high fantasy RPG tabletop set that makes it easy for players to get started right away. Players are encouraged to make decisions about their character during the creation process that will guide them and shape them throughout the rest of the game, and immerse them right away in the game world.


  • This game doesn’t have a lot of complicated mechanics to learn.
  • Although the game has an old-school feeling, it’s modern in its design.


  • The class balancing during character creation can be complicated and overwhelming.
  • Many players feel this game is too heavy to really get into.

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Option #6. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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This [amazon link=”1601257457″ title=”Pathfinder Adventure Card Game” /] is an expansion for the base Pathfinder series, although it does not require previous purchases in order to be able to play it. This game is all about becoming the heroes of a magical realm and saving the world from evil.


  • This choice is a lighter, strategy-based version of the Pathfinder series, so it’s accessible to new players.
  • The mechanics are very easy to learn.


  • As this is an expansion, it only comes with one scenario.
  • The pack may arrive missing some cards.

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Option #7. Firefly RPG Core Rulebook

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If you’re a fan of Firefly, be sure to check out this [amazon link=”1936685329″ title=”Firefly RPG Core Rulebook” /]. This book is based on the TV series by the same name but can easily be enjoyed by those without prior knowledge of the series, too.


  • This set comes with everything you need to play, including character sheets, ship information and more.
  • The set also includes some story starters and hooks for ideas.


  • Some players find this rulebook too confusing or sparse for new tabletop gamers.
  • The episode ideas may be a little thin or boring.

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Now that you’ve seen some of the best RPG dice games around, it’s time to pick your favorite and get started learning how to play it right away! These games are a fun and exciting way to bond with friends and make new friendships as well, especially when you get into local groups devoted to playing them. These are also excellent games for playing over time with your family and working through a campaign together.

But do you need anything special to get started? What kind of dice should you use for these games? Here are a few products to help you begin your tabletop RPG journey.

Option Dice Set #1. Two Colors RPG Dice

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If you’re looking for some affordable dice to help you get started, these [amazon link=”B01ABST9S4″ title=”Two Colors RPG Dice” /] are sure to help. These dice include five complete sets of seven dice each, all in different color combinations.


  • The dice feature durable acrylic construction that holds up well to a lot of use.
  • The dice are easy to read.


  • The dice may arrive missing some pieces.
  • The dice are often unbalanced.

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Option Dice Set #2. 7 Die Metal Polyhedral Dice Set

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This [amazon link=”B07F817H27″ title=”7 Die Metal Polyhedral Dice Set” /] comes with everything you need to get started playing Dungeons & Dragons as well as many other tabletop dice-based RPGs. This set of stylish metal dice comes in many different color combinations.


  • These dice are very solid and well-made.
  • The dice usually arrive in great condition.


  • The edges of the dice are sharp.
  • The dice may be hard to read.

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Option Dice Set #3. Dice Bag of Devouring

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The [amazon link=”B01KP4T6TQ” title=”Dice Bag of Devouring” /] contains 20 complete sets of dice, totaling 140 dice from varying color sets. The bag stands up on its own and can hold up to 200 dice so you can easily bring your whole collection with you anywhere you go.


  • The dice colors are vibrant and nice to look at.
  • The dice rarely arrive missing any pieces.


  • The bag may arrive in poor condition.
  • Some dice may contain bubbles or be too weighted.

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