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Are you planning to get yourself a Gamescience dice?

Have you heard a lot about these dice and want to buy one?

Are you looking for some user reviews and features of the Gamescience dice before you buy one?

If you have not used a Gamescience dice yet and are thinking of getting one, we’d suggest you read through to the end of the article before you make a decision. In this article, we will tell you all about this hugely popular and talked about dice.

We take a look at some of their most popular products, some pros and cons of the dice, as well as share a detailed review on one of the Gamescience dice product. You can read all the detailed features, as well as the pros and cons and price range of the same. So, read it all for yourself and decided whether you want it or not.

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What is Gamescience?

Gamescience is an American company that makes gaming related products.

What kind of products do they make?

  • The creator of Gamescience, Louis Zocchi, started manufacturing Gamescience dice since the year 1974.
  • Ever since, it is known for producing high impact dice that are precision edged polyhedral.
  • The company claims that no other competitor can make a dice that is as brilliant, as lustrous, as precision edged and as clear as a Gamescience dice.
  • Also, the Gamescience dice comes with a 2 year guarantee that safeguards their dice against premature wear. The company is so sure of their product that apparently, no other competitor is ready to match the same.
  • Gamescience is also known to be the pioneer in creating new and different types of dice shapes, such as dice that are 3, 5, 14, 16, 24 and 100 sided.

Who are their typical customers?

  • The one thing about the company that has not changed since it was created is that it is all about manufacturing some of the best dice that you can get in the market.
  • Because of the fact that they are so innovative and consistent in their creations, some of their most loyal and regular customers are those who are hard-core dice game lovers.

What are the most popular types of Gamescience Dice?

Here is a list of some of the most popular types of Gamescience Dice that you can easily find on their website, and that have been rated by their customers:

  • The Gamescience White d20 Twenty sided die – plain
  • The Original d5 5-Sider Quintahedron Orange – plain d10
  • The Colour Burst Polyhedral dice set
  • The Gamescience Starter Set “Ugly Dice”
  • The Gamescience Smoke – d10 – Ten sided die – Inked
  • The Gamescience Microhedra d20 0-9 Yellow Plain
  • The Gamescience White d10 – Ten sided die – plain
  • The Pentaider Amber plain d10
  • The 7 piece opaque orange Polyhedral set – plain
  • The 5 piece opaque violet Zocchi Originals set – plain
  • The 7 piece Diamond polyhedral set – plain
  • The d20 laser yellow twenty sided die – plain
  • The Gamescience Amethyst – d6 – six sided die – plain
  • The Pirate’s Treasure Chest – 1lb of GEM dice – Factory seconds
  • The Gamescience Permafrost – d6 – six sided die – plain

What games are best played using Gamescience® Dice? Why?

  • You can use the Gamescience Dice for a number of role playing dice games, especially those such as Dungeons and Dragons.
  • This is because these dice bring in an element of chance, which can often turn the game in your favour.

Why Gamescience® Dice Are Better Than Other Dice

1. Gamescience Dice create very high quality dice products.

  • The Gamescience Dice is so high in its quality that the company offers a 2-year guarantee that protects the dice against premature wear.
  • This means that, you can continue playing for a really long time with your dice, without worrying of it getting damaged or worn out, in which case, the company will take care of it.

2. Gamescience Dice have a more even set of results.

  • Once you start using these Gamescience dice for multiple games, you will come to realize that they give kind of an even spread of results, as compared to others.
  • They don’t have a set ‘tendency’ to give lows or highs in a roll.

3. Gamescience Dice Feel More Precise.

  • The sharp edges of the dice help give a very precise feeling when you play.
  • This results in the dice tumbling a few times and coming to a quick stop.

Why Gamescience® Dice Are Worse Than Other Dice

1. Gamescience Dice have very sharp edges.

  • One of the shortcomings of the Gamescience dice is that they have very sharp edges.
  • This can be extremely dangerous if you are playing with kids, or even for adults.
  • The sharp tip seems to be a little cut off in the d4 dice, but then again, they are not really rounded or soft.

2. The 1s on Gamescience Dice are a bit hard to read.

  • While the dice may be of a bright colour and the other numbers may be easy to read, there is a lot of issue in reading the number 1 in the Gamescience dice.
  • This is because, in most of these dice (which do not come inked), the number 1 is written in a very faint design, which makes it hard to read, especially when you want to quickly check the number.

3. Gamescience Dice are quite expensive.

  • As compared to most of the other dice, these can be quite expensive.
  • So, if you are planning to buy a few sets or want to create a collection of the same, it could mean a considerable amount to pay.

Where is the best place to buy Gamescience Dice from?

You can easily buy the Gamescience dice from the company website, as well as online on Amazon. Here is a look at one of their most popular and unique dice that you can buy on Amazon, the Gamescience Zocchihedron D100 dice:

GameScience Role Playing Dice – D100 Opaque White & Blue Spherical Dice – ZOCCHIHEDRON

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This [amazon link=”B0026NC8PO” title=”Gamescience dice” /], which is the famous D100, is also known as the Zocchihedron. While this particular dice comes in an opaque white and blue colour, you can also check out other colour options in the same. The D100 is one of the most famous inventions of Lou Zocchi, the man who is responsible for creating the brand Gamescience. This particular dice lets you make percentile rolls in a very quick and easy way. All you need to do is give one roll to this dice that you will definitely think of as being shaped quite odd, but the results will still impress you, nonetheless.

This dice is unlike the traditional polyhedral dice and its design and shape has a closer resemblance to a ball, instead of to a dice. Inside the Zocchihedron D100 dice, you will notice some weights that are shaped like teardrops. These help the D100 dice stop faster than other dice, and prevent it from rolling endlessly. If you are looking to get a percentile result, you can use this D100 dice as an alternative to rolling two D10s.


  • This choice makes a cool sound when you shake it
  • Looks and feels really wonderful
  • Stops immediately instead of rolling around


  • Might not be the best for all budget types

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Now that you know all about the Gamescience Dice, do let us know which ones you buy and how you are using it.

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