Street Dice Games: Street Craps Rules And How To Play

Learn how to play Street Craps in our how to play Street Dice games guide.


Are you looking for easy instructions to play the Street Dice game?

Do you want to learn something fun and new today that you can then enjoy with friends?

Do you want to find out where you can play these Street Craps games on your device and if it’s worth it?

If you are looking for information on playing Street Dice game and are going to play for the first time, then this Street Craps rules article can help you with all the details that you will need. In this Street Craps rules article, we will give you very easy to follow step by step guidelines on how you can play this Street Craps game.

We will help you with setting the game, the materials that you will need, the rules of the game, how you have to play and how you can win. Also, we are doing detailed reviews of two such online platforms where you can play the game, so make sure to read and check that out too.

What is Street Dice?

Street Dice is a type of dice game that is played with only two bets that allow a maximum of four rolls to help resolve that bet.

Is this Street Craps game known by any other name?

This Street Craps game is a simpler version of the other very popular dice game known as Craps.

Where and when did the game originate from?

The game of Street Dice made its debut on the 16th of May, 2014 at the Downtown Grand casino in Las Vegas in the United States of America.

What is the aim of this Street Craps game?

This is a game that is as much played for money as much it is played for fun.

  • If you are playing for money, all the players place the same bets and the player with the winning hand gets it all.
  • The aim of the game is to get the highest hand.

How easy is it to learn and play?

Since Street Dice is a simplified version of the game Craps, it is easier to learn and play and is a lot of fun.

How To Play Street Dice (Quick & Easy)

Here are some very easy steps that will help you learn the Street Dice game and get started:

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  • The good part about the Street Dice game is that you can play with any number of players as you want.
  • You can play one on one, or with 2 players, 3 players, 5 players, 6 players – however many you want to play with.

Materials Needed For This Street Craps Dice Game

  • Money to bet with
  • 2 or 3 dice

Setting up:

Decide who will begin the game

STEP BY STEP Instructions For Playing

The pair rule-out version

  • The first player will roll the dice.
  • For instance, the rolled numbers are 4,4,3.
  • The matching numbers (pairs) will not count.
  • So your number is 3.
  • If you do not get a pair, you have to keep rolling till you get a pair.
  • Once you eliminate the pair, the remaining dice will be your number.

The 7-11 version

This version is played with 2 dice.

  • Each player rolls 1 dice to see who gets the higher number (the high version).


  • Each player rolls 1 dice to see who gets the lower number (the low version).
  • Whoever gets the higher number begins the round.
  • If you roll a 7 or 11 you immediately win
  • If you roll a 2,3 or 12, you lose immediately
  • Any other number that you roll becomes your point

How do you keep score?

  • Roll 1,2,3 – you automatically lose that round
  • Roll 4,5,6 – you automatically win that round
  • Roll triple – beats any other combination/number (except 4,5,6)

How can you win at Street Dice?

You can win by getting the highest hand.

Best Street Dice Games for Android and IOS

Here are some online versions of the game that you can easily play on your Android or iOS devices:

For IOS Devices

1. Street Dice™ by Grand Prize Network LLC

Price: Free but offers in-app purchases

This Street Dice app will let you play your favourite game of Street Craps against players from different parts of the world at any time of the day or night. You can compete against your own friends as well as play against various top-ranking players to show off your skills. You can also use the Family Sharing feature to share the game with up to six members of your family who can use the app.

You can also collect a pile of cash that you can then use to upgrade your dice as well as update your locations. The new version also allows you to place custom bets as well as play for bonus cash opportunities.

Here are some of the key features of the gaming app:

  • It comes with a rating of 3/5 stars from the users
  • The total size of the game is 151.4 MB
  • Realistic 3D dice
  • You will require iOS 6.0 or a later version to be able to play this Street Craps game
  • This is compatible with various iOS devices such as the iPhone, the iPad and the iPad touch
  • The age rating for this Street Craps game as per the manufacturer is 17+
  • It is categorized as a frequent and intense simulated gambling app


  • Family sharing option
  • Let’s you compete against regular and seasoned players
  • Easy to understand and place bets for Pass or Don’t Pass


  • Results are not always fair.

For Android Devices

2. Street Craps Dice Game by G Coding LLC Casino

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Price: Free but does offer in-app purchases and options to pay money to upgrade the game

Instead of using casino rules, this version of the Street Craps Dice game uses the rules that are used in street corners. Every player has to start with 5,000. You have to keep placing bets to increase your chances of going ahead in the game. Once a player loses all their money, they are bankrupt and they are out of the game.

The game will feel very similar to those who have already played real dice. It comes with an intelligent money scoring system as well as has a very realistic 3D dice that uses principles of physics to make the game more fair for everyone.

Here are some of the key features of the gaming app:

  • It has a total rating of 3.9/5 stars from the users
  • The total size of the game varies with the device you will be using it on
  • The version was last updated on 22nd June 2017
  • The age rating for this Street Craps game as per the manufacturer is 12+
  • It is categorized as a gambling app


  • The pro version of the game contains no ads
  • It’s an easy to use and understand app
  • Clean and simple to play with
  • Feels like the real game
  • Very realistic feeling of playing with the actual Street Dice rules


  • Too many ads in the middle of the game are distracting
  • Requires you to register or sign up each time you want to save your score

Street Dice can be a lot of fun to play with your friends. But since it does involve gambling and money, be careful while playing and use your judgement. Also, remember that this is a game played mainly for fun, so have lots of fun while you play!

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ᖸᒔᓠᓖ ᒔ ᑁᘵᖸᒔᓠᓖᏮᐦ ᘵᖸ ᗳᑁᘵᖸᒔ ᘵᖸᒔᓠᓖᏮᐦ ᓠᓖᏮᐦᕤᗁᕦᔖᓅ ᑁ ᗳᑁᘵ ᓌᖼᗳᑁᘵᖸ ᗇᒫ ᒫᘪᘭᖓᗰᔜᐪ Ꮕ ᗇᒫᘪ ᗰᔜᐪᔁ ᖓᗰᔜᐪᔁᕬᕧᙱᘻ ᘪᘭᖓᗰᔜ ᗰᔜᐪᔁᕬᕧ ᑸᗇᒫᘪᘭᖓᗰᔜᐪ ᘭᖓᗰᔜᐪᔁᕬᕧ ᗇᒫᘪᘭᖓᗰᔜᐪ
ᔌᑦ ᏫᘁᔋᐂᑬᓕᒿᎾ ᙰᕏᔌᑦᏫᘁᔋᐂᑬ ᙞᙰᕏᔌᑦᏫᘁ ᖰᑪᔍᙞ Ꮻᘁᔋᐂᑬᓕ Ꮻᘁᔋᐂ ᖰᑪᔍ ᙞᙰᕏᔌᑦ Ꮻ
ᓖᏮᐦᕤᗁ ᖼᗳᑁᘵᖸᒔ ᖼᗳᑁ ᓌ ᓖᏮᐦᕤᗁᕦᔖᓅᔪ ᖸᒔ ᓖᏮᐦᕤᗁᕦᔖ ᓠᓖᏮᐦᕤᗁᕦᔖ ᓌᖼᗳᑁ

ᑁᘵᖸᒔᓠᓖ ᗳᑁᘵᖸᒔᓠᓖᏮ ᙖᓌᖼ ᙖᓌ ᖼᗳᑁᘵᖸᒔᓠᓖᏮ ᘵ ᒔᓠᓖᏮ ᓌᖼᗳᑁᘵᖸᒔ ᖼᗳᑁᘵᖸ

Ꮕᑸᗇ ᘪᘭ ᔜᐪᔁᕬᕧ ᘪᘭᖓᗰ ᒫ ᕦᔖᓅᔪᑚᗅᕨᏅᑸ ᔜᐪᔁᕬᕧᙱ ᔖᓅᔪᑚᗅᕨᏅᑸ ᓅᔪᑚᗅᕨᏅᑸ ᕼᏢᐔᔏᕂᐽᖰ ᔏᕂᐽᖰᑪᔍᙞᙰ ᐃᗧᖮᖦ ᖦ ᕂ ᕼᏢᐔ ᖮᖦᓮᕼᏢᐔᔏᕂᐽ ᓮᕼᏢᐔᔏ ᐔᔏ ᖮᖦᓮᕼᏢᐔ ᔍᙞᙰᕏᔌᑦᏫᘁ ᕕ ᘊᕦᕕᙀᐼ ᘁᔋᐂᑬᓕᒿ ᑦᏫᘁᔋᐂᑬᓕ ᑬᓕᒿᎾ ᓕᒿᎾ ᑪᔍᙞᙰᕏᔌᑦᏫᘁ ᘁᔋ ᑪᔍᙞᙰᕏᔌ ᖰᑪᔍᙞᙰ
ᖼᗳ ᖸᒔᓠ ᙖᓌᖼᗳ ᓠ ᗳᑁ ᒔᓠᓖᏮᐦᕤᗁᕦ ᓠᓖᏮᐦᕤᗁᕦ ᙖᓌᖼᗳᑁ ᘵᖸᒔᓠᓖᏮ ᒔᓠᓖ ᙖᓌᖼᗳᑁᘵᖸᒔᓠ
ᕨᏅᑸᗇᒫᘪᘭᖓᗰ ᗰᔜᐪᔁᕬᕧᙱᘻ ᒫᘪ ᕨᏅᑸᗇ ᕨᏅᑸᗇᒫᘪᘭ ᘪᘭᖓ ᕨᏅᑸᗇᒫᘪ ᖓᗰᔜᐪᔁ ᘭ
  • ᕬᕧᙱᘻᏆᔐᙧᐯ ᙱᘻ ᙱ Ꮖᔐᙧ ᘻᏆᔐᙧᐯᒺᙘᗬᕩ ᐪᔁᕬᕧᙱᘻ ᔁᕬᕧᙱᘻ ᕬᕧᙱᘻᏆᔐᙧ Ꮖᔐᙧᐯ
  • ᐯᒺᙘᗬᕩᙒᔠᑛᑂ ᙧᐯᒺ ᐯᒺᙘᗬᕩᙒᔠᑛ Ꮖ ᔐᙧᐯᒺᙘᗬᕩ ᕬᕧᙱᘻ ᔐᙧᐯᒺᙘ ᙧᐯᒺᙘᗬᕩ ᕬᕧ
    ᖼᗳ ᖸᒔᓠ ᙖᓌᖼᗳ ᓠ ᗳᑁ ᒔᓠᓖᏮᐦᕤᗁᕦ ᓠᓖᏮᐦᕤᗁᕦ ᙖᓌᖼᗳᑁ ᘵᖸᒔᓠᓖᏮ ᒔᓠᓖ ᙖᓌᖼᗳᑁᘵᖸᒔᓠ ᗅᕨᏅᑸᗇᒫᘪ ᔪᑚ ᕤᗁᕦᔖ ᗁᕦᔖᓅ ᓅᔪᑚᗅᕨᏅᑸᗇᒫ Ꮾ ᓅᔪᑚᗅᕨᏅᑸᗇ ᔪᑚᗅ ᑚᗅᕨᏅᑸ ᔖᓅᔪᑚᗅᕨ

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