Dice Game Rules 10000: Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules

Learn how to play 10000 dice games rules in our ten thousand dice game scoring directions guide.


Are you looking for rules to play the Dice Game 10,000?

Have you never played it before and want to find some simple instructions that will make it easier to play?

Do you want to find out more about the different rules of the game?

If this is the first time that you are getting ready to play the Dice Game 10,000, then this is the only article you need to read from start to end. Why? Because right from what all you will need to how you can set up the game, how you can score points and what all rules you need to follow, we’ve covered it all!

Our detailed article about the game will answer all your questions about what you can expect or have to do in each round, will teach you the different scoring combinations, as well as talk about some fun variations that you can bring about in the game. So, without going anywhere else, read till the end and start playing!

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Who can play Dice Game 10,000?

Dice 10,000 is a family game that anyone can play, as long as they are able to understand the basic concept of addition.

Materials Needed To Play 10000:

  • 6 dice
  • Score sheet OR pen and paper to keep score
  • Sturdy surface

What you will do in each round

  • In each round, you have to start by rolling all the dice at once.
  • Based on the numbers you get after rolling, decide which ones to keep aside and which ones to roll again.
  • Keep a tally of all your points in each roll.
  • Once your turn at rolling dice is over, add the points you scored in in that round and jot them down.

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to score the highest points in the fastest manner possible, by getting good scoring combinations when you roll the dice. The winning score is 10,000.

How can you win at Dice Game 10,000?

  1. You can be a temporary winner if you are the first player to reach 10,000 points.
  2. However, other players will get one last round each to try and challenge the same.
  3. At the end of these rounds, the player with the highest points will be the winner.

How To Play 10000 Video Guides

1. 10,000 DICE GAME

  • Start by rolling all six dice.
  • Once you have the numbers, find the best numbers you can from the scoring combinations(shared above).
  • Set these aside.
  • If you have enough dice left, you may choose to re-roll.
  • Once you feel you can’t score anymore, pass on your turn.
  • If you do roll and don’t score, you will lose all points of the round.

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #2. TEN THOUSAND

  • This is the online game mode of the same game explained above.
  • You can choose the number of players.
  • Once done, you can play the same way online as you would with a physical dice and players.
  • Once you give up your turn, you can stop your turn and others take over.


Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #1. DECIDE WHO GOES FIRST

  • Before beginning the game, decide which player will start first.
  • One way to do this is to randomly select a player.
  • Otherwise, each player can roll a dice and player with the highest number starts the game.
  • Play continues counter-clockwise.

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #2. ON YOUR TURN

  • When it’s your turn, roll all the 6 dice.
  • Look for any scoring dice such as 1s, 5s, 3-of-a-kind or scoring combinations.
  • You need to set aside at least 1 scoring dice.
  • You can choose to re-roll the remaining dice.
  • If you’re able to score on all 6 dice, you can re-roll all 6 again.

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #3. TO GET ON THE BOARD

  • Before your points start adding up, you have to score at least 750 points in a single roll.
  • If you’re unable to reach this score on your first turn, wait until your next turn to try again.

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #4. YOUR TURN ENDS

  • You may end your turn when you’re satisfied with your accumulated score.
  • Or, if you throw a roll with no scoring dice, your turn automatically ends.

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #5. AT THE END OF YOUR TURN

  • Add your score; note down.
  • Pass the dice to the next player.

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #6. WIN THE GAME

  • Be the first player to reach a score of 10,000.
  • Once a player scores at least 10000, other players get one last turn each.
  • If no one else scores 10,000, the first player who scored 10,000 wins.
  • If any other player scores 10,000 or more after the final round, the player with the highest score wins.


Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #1. ROLLING A 1 IN A ROLL

When you roll a single 1, you score 100 points

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #2. ROLLING A 5 IN A ROLL

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When you roll a single 5, you score 50 points

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #3. THREE 1s IN A SINGLE ROLL

If you roll three 1s in a single roll, you will score 1,000 points

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #4. THREE-OF-A-KIND IN A SINGLE ROLL

  • This how to play 10000 rule DOEST NOT work on three 1s (for which please refer above).
  • When you roll three-of-a-kind, you score 100 times the number.
  • For instance, three 2s get 200 points, three 3s get 300 points, three 4s get 400points and so on.

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #5. FOUR-OF-A-KIND AND FIVE-OF-A-KIND

  • When you roll four-of-a-kind, you score double of three-of-a-kind.
  • For instance, four 3s get 600 points.
  • When you roll five-of-a-kind, you score four times the value of three-of-a-kind.
  • For instance, five 4s get 1600 points.

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #6. THREE PAIRS IN SINGLE ROLL

  • It includes four-of-a-kinds and pair.
  • Three pairs in a single roll gets 1,500 points

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #7. STRAIGHT(1,2,3,4,5,6)

  • 1,2,3,4,5,6 in a roll is called straight.
  • This gets 3000 points.

Ten Thousand Dice Game Rules #8. LOW STRAIGHT(1,2,3,4,5) AND HIGH STRAIGHT(2,3,4,5,6)

  • 1,2,3,4,5 in a roll is called low straight – 1250 points.
  • 2,3,4,5,6 in a roll is called high straight – 50 points.


  • Scoring combinations only work when rolled in a single throw.
  • For instance, if you roll 1 in the first roll and 2 1s in the second roll, it’s not three-of-a-kind.


  • Choose your best score, keep it aside.
  • Determine your chances with remaining dice to get best scoring combination.



  • Farkle can be called when you roll but don’t get a scoring dice.
  • Instead of ending the turn, you may continue playing using those dice you haven’t set aside for scoring.
  • However, all points you scored in this turn are lost.


  • If you roll a six-of-a-kind in a single throw you automatically win the game.


  • Instead of 10,000, keep the winning score 5,000.


  • Set an exact score of 10,000 to win.
  • Scoring above 10,000 would be bust, with player losing the game.

If you’re reading these instructions for the first time, we know it can feel a lot to take in and remember. Which is why, we suggest you keep this how to play 10000 article handy and keep coming back to read the rules, each time you are playing the game. And once you’re more confident about them, enjoy and have fun playing!

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