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Party with dice drink games in our fun dice drinking game collection.


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Are you on the lookout for some fun drinking games?

Do you want to find out new games that you can play with your buddies at the next party?

Are you looking for adult drinking games that will add more life to your parties and get-togethers?

If you are ready to up the mood of the drinking party and add some fun twists and turns with drinking games, the ones we are talking about here could just be the games for you! In this article, we are sharing detailed but easy tutorials of how to play some of the most loved drinking games that are perfect for any type of adult party.

From how to play to what materials you might need, to the number of players, what drinks to have, how to win and more, we’ve covered it all. In addition, we’ll also share with you 2 super fun drinking games that you can buy online, that will be just perfect for your next fun drinks session.

How does a drinking game with dice work?

A drinking game is a type of game that involves drinking some form of alcoholic beverage as the game progresses. The amount you have to drink or when you have to drink will all depend on the way the game moves forward. For drinking games with dice, the game uses dice as its main facilitator. The rolling of the dice determines how the game will progress, which players will drink, how much to drink and when.

Are dice drinking games fun to play?

Dice drinking games are extremely popular and fun to play and can instantly add life to any adult party that involves drinking.

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5 Great Dice Games for Drinking Tutorials

Option #1. 3 MAN

Why it’s a great drinking game

Statistically, the number 3 pops up a lot when dice are rolled, making it more fun in a drinking game!

Materials Needed:

  • Dice pairs (for every player to roll at once)
  • Flat surface or table top
  • Beverage of choice

How to set up

  • 3 players and more
  • Decide the number of rounds to play

Rules, how to play and how to win

  • All players sit in a circle and roll their pair of dice at once.
  • The first person who gets a 3 on their roll becomes the 3 Man.
  • Every time a player rolls a 3, the 3 Man has to take a drink.
  • The 3 could be a singular number on one dice in the pair, or it could also be a total of 3.
  • If someone rolls a 7, the player at their left has to take a drink.
  • If someone rolls an 11, the player at their right has to take a drink.
  • The game just keeps going for as many rounds as you want.


Why it’s a great drinking game

Fast-paced and difficult to keep track when drunk

Materials Needed:

  • Dice
  • Flat surface or table top
  • Beverage of choice

How to set up

  • 3-6 players
  • Select a person who will roll the dice

Rules, how to play and how to win

  • Players pick a number from 1-6 and say it out loud.
  • Player who chose number 1 rolls the dice.
  • If it’s a 5, the player(s) who chose 5 will drink, and so on.
  • Once the player rolls a 1, they take a drink and hand it to the next player.

Option #3. CHASE THE ACE

Why it’s a great drinking game

Strictly requires alcoholic beverage

Materials Needed:

  • At least 2 dice
  • Beer
  • 4 players

How to set up

  • Players sit in circle.
  • Players sitting opposite get a dice each.

Rules, how to play and how to win

  • Count till 3 and roll.
  • Players will drink or pass as per rolled number.
  • 1 – pass dice to player on left who has to finish a whole drink
  • 2/3 – nothing happens
  • 4 – pass dice to the player on left who takes a drink
  • 5 – pass dice to the player on right who takes a drink
  • 6 – you take a drink

Option #4. BEER DIE

Why it’s a great drinking game

Fun outdoor drinks game

Materials Needed:

  • 4 players
  • 4 cups
  • 8X2 ½ ft rectangle table
  • Some dice
  • Black marker/tape
  • Beer
  • Beer cups

How to set up

  • Place filled cups on table corners.
  • Make black line in the middle of the table width-wise.
  • Players split in 2 teams and stand on opposing ends.
  • Decide height at which to throw up the dice.

Rules, how to play and how to win

  • Throw dice in opponent’s cup.
  • If it lands in their cup, they chug.
  • After this, they can shake and roll the dice towards your side. If it lands on 5, your team has to chug the drinks.
  • If it lands on table/floor, you drink.
  • The only right way to catch opponent’s dice is if it hits the table and you catch it with one hand – they drink.
  • Else you drink.
  • If you shoot the dice less than decided height, you drink.
  • If any player says the word ‘5’ or your rolled dice has 5 on the top face, your team has to chug their beer.

Option #5. 6 CUPS

Why it’s a great drinking game

Keep rolling till you can stop drinking!

Materials Needed:

  • Minimum 4 players
  • A dice
  • 6 cups
  • Marker
  • Alcoholic beverage(s)

How to set up

  • Write 1-6 on cups.

Rules, how to play and how to win

  • Players take turn rolling dice.
  • If you roll 6, fill the cup marked 6.
  • Next player fills the cup with the corresponding number on the dice.
  • Do this till every cup is filled or till someone rolls a 6.
  • If someone rolls 6, they drink up whatever’s in cup 6.
  • Once you drink, roll again.
  • If cup corresponding to rolled number is empty, fill it.
  • Else drink cup corresponding to rolled number.
  • Repeat till you find an empty cup.

2 Dice Drinking Games on Amazon

Option #1. Wellin Turnt Drinking Dice Game for Adult

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These dice are made of [amazon link=”B076VC7MMP” title=”lightweight high-quality acrylic” /]. They come with various funny instructions on each side, written in colourful font. Instructions such as ‘sip’ ‘drink 2 cups’ ‘bottoms up’ ‘drink half cup’ will keep the party going for hours. This is especially fun for a bachelorette party, adults’ night, couples’ party, nightclub/pub party and so on.


  • Extra fun in parties
  • Easy to carry around
  • Hilarious instructions


  • Not the best material.

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Option #2. Cmerce Dice Fun Game

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These come in a [amazon link=”B07HJDJCRC” title=”set of engraved dice” /] that have instructions on all sides in colourful font. The instructions are hilarious and will keep your drinks party going on for hours, with instructions such as ‘whiskey’ ‘vodka’ ‘liquor of choice’ ‘sip’ ‘drink a glass’ and so on. One dice tells you the action while the other tells you what type of drink to have! Perfect for any type of adult party.


  • Super fun
  • Portable
  • Looks cute


  • None as yet

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There’s no doubt these games are super fun to play. However, make sure that you drink responsibly and stay safe. Also, do not drink and drive.

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