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Do you love playing dice games?

Are you looking for some sources where you can find easy and simple rules for dice games?

Are you wondering whether it is better to watch videos of rules or read manuals?

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If you love playing dice games, it’s important to know the rules and variations of the many types of dice games that are available. But how do you know which are the best sources where you can find out the correct rules?

In this article, we talk about instruction videos that teach about dice game rules. We’ll share a few channels where you learn rules, and tell you the pros and cons of the channels. We also compare which method can work the best, the videos or the manuals.

Where can you learn dice game rules quickly and easily

You can easily learn how to play dice games and discover dice game rules by heading over to our dice game rules and tutorial guide posts. (SEE LIST ABOVE!)

You can also check out these YouTube channels below, that all have some fantastic game tutorials for quick and easy reference:

Option #1. eHow

  • Watch how-to videos on topics such as projects, games, crafts, activities, recipes, home and more.
  • Game tutorial videos teach how to play dice games, board games, classroom games, rummy games, poker games and more.
  • Other videos connected to games, such as how to make a paper dice, make your own dice bag and such.


  1. Vast range of games
  2. Rules and variations of different types of games
  3. Additional content related to games


  1. None
eHow: Shut the Box
  • Expert game host Windy Challey shares detailed rules for playing Shut the Box.
  • Learn how to set the box, rules and how to play.
eHow: Hot Dice
  • Learn rules on playing Hot Dice.
  • The host talks about setting up, playing, scoring and winning.
eHow: Mexican Dice
  • Expert game host Windy Challey shows how to play Mexican Dice.
  • Learn the history of the game, setting up, materials needed and rules.

Option #2. ExpertVillage

  • Watch how-to videos on vast range of topics such as gadgets, apps, pets, DIY, self-care, styling, clothing, home, recipes, dance, fitness, social media, games and more.
  • Gaming tutorial videos teach you how to play dice games, gambling dice games, dice drinking games and more.
  • Other videos connected to games, such as history of dice games, dice game hacks and more.


  1. High quality videos
  2. Interactive
  3. Tips and tricks, hacks


  1. Boring background
ExpertVillage: How to Cheat at Playing Dice Games
  • Game expert Dean Hale shares techniques and tricks that are used to cheat at dice games
  • He shares his experiences to help you be aware of how cheating works.
ExpertVillage: How to play Craps & Win
  • Game expert Dean Hale shares tips to easily play the game.
  • Tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning.
ExpertVillage: How to make Chore Dice
  • Game expert Dean Hale shows fun way to involve kids at home.
  • Kids can make the dice and use it later.

Option #3. What Do We Do All Day

  • Watch creative ideas on math art ideas, science fun projects, puzzles, strategy games and more.
  • Content aimed at children to help learn with play.
  • It has a wide range of dice game videos to choose from, that will be suitable for younger as well as older kids.


  1. Kid appropriate content
  2. Learn and play concept
  3. Huge range to choose from


  1. Not spoken out
What Do We Do All Day: Three or More
  • Learn how to play this fun game with easy animation.
  • Kids can read along with the big subtitle fonts.
What Do We Do All Day: Pig Dice
  • Learn here about the probability game.
  • Simple instructions suitable for kids.
What Do We Do All Day: Nine Holes
  • Quick and easy tutorial with fun animation.
  • Kids can learn about strategy and smart thinking.

Option #4. Howcast

  • Watch detailed tutorials on topics ranging from game tutorials to tips and tricks, lifestyle, home, health and wellness and more.
  • Content aimed for entire family.
  • Wide range of dice game videos including tutorials, history, tips and more.


  1. Wide range of videos
  2. Experts on-board
  3. Detailed tutorials


  1. Fun factor missing
Howcast: Gambling tips
  • Easy tutorial for casino videos
  • Subtitles along with audio
Howcast: How to play Monopoly
  • An easy tutorial for beginners
  • Real set-up
Howcast: Pig dice
  • Quick easy instructions
  • Subtitles and audio for better understanding

Option #5. Watch It Played

  • Watch detailed tutorials on various tabletop games.
  • Content aimed for entire family.
  • Find a good mix of classic as well as contemporary games.


  1. Very detailed explanations
  2. Interactive hosts
  3. Clear video angles


  1. No subtitles
Watch It Played: Dice Throne
  • Detailed explanation of game
  • Set-up and rules
Watch It Played: Marvel Dice Masters
  • Watch extras along with tutorial
  • Detailed explanations
Watch It Played: Roll for It
  • Full details of the game
  • Real live play to help understand better

Is watching videos to learn dice game rules better than reading written guides?

When it comes to watching videos that help you understand the rules for dice games, as compared to reading written guides to try and understand how to play, there are a few pros to consider:

1. Ease of explaining

  • The good thing about watching an instruction video instead of just reading about it in words is that, when you are watching the video, you can listen to the host talking about the game.
  • This choice is always better because, when you see something and also have the audio to accompany it, it registers better and for longer in our mind, as compared to just reading.

2. Seeing it for yourself

  • Most hosts, while explaining the rules in the videos, will also play out the game for you on screen.
  • As a result, you have an exact idea of every aspect of the game, starting from how you have to set it up, how you have to play and how you can end up winning the game.

3. Learn about fun variations

  • Most dice games have very standard rules that you have to use at the time of playing the game.
  • However, the fun part about watching the video tutorials and instructions is that, with the different channels that you watch, you can end up learning about new variations.

Are these videos easier to understand?

In general, these tutorial videos are very helpful as you can see the entire game playing out on the screen.

  • YouTube videos that talk about and explain various dice game rules are usually very easy to understand.
  • However, there are some channels that may not be very good at explaining rules and end up being a bit confusing.
  • This is why, it is important to find out channels where the hosts easily explain the rules and also show you how to play.

3 Benefits of Having Easy Access to Dice Game Rules

  1. Vast content range: When you access these channels, you can find out not just about the game you are particularly looking for, but will also get references to other games you can try out.
  2. Easy access to quick referral: In most cases, since you will have your phone with you at almost all times, you can easily refer to these videos as quick guide material.
  3. No need to carry around manuals and instead, you can simply use your phone to check out the rules whenever you want.

Now that you have the links to these video channels, do take a look at the same and find out rules to the many dice games that you love.

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