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Are you looking for some fun and easy dice games?

Do you want to find out rules on how to play some popular dice games?

Is this the first time you are getting hooked on to dice games and looking for some easy rules?

Whether you have played them earlier or whether it’s your first time to play dice games, the best part is, our easy to learn rules will work for all. In this article, we will share with you some very easy to follow rules for 11 of the best dice games out there!

From different types of games that cater to any age group to how to play, easy rules and when all you can play these dice games you should learn how to play, we’ve got it all covered. Now all you need to start playing is read through the end, and begin!

What is a dice game?

A dice game is a game that uses one or more dice as its central component which determines the way the game will move ahead.

How is a dice game played?

A dice game is primarily played by rolling the dice, and, depending on the game, the result of the roll is either immediately revealed to all, or is concealed.

How do you use dice in a game and what role does it play in the game?

  • Players usually have to roll the dice, either all at once, or few at a time, depending on which game they are playing.
  • In some games, the players will have to move their turn as per the number on the dice.
  • In others, especially the ones that use dice as a scoring component, players will get points based on what number they have rolled.

Easy ways to play dice games that are fun for kids and adults

Here are a few easy ways to play some of the most popular dice games that will be equally fun for both kids and adults alike:

Fun Dice Games To Play #1. Farkle

  • Players have to roll one dice each.
  • The one with the highest number begins, moving on to the player on the left.
  • You have to score at least 500 points before your points can start to accumulate.
  • For each roll you have to remove at least 1 dice.
  • If there is nothing you can keep aside, you have a Farkle in that roll and your turn ends.
  • Any points in that round are also lost.
  • Once a player reaches 10,000 or more, all players get one roll each to score more.
  • Player with 10,000 or higher points wins.

Fun Dice Games To Play #2. Pig Dice

  • If playing with 1 dice, players have to roll repeatedly till they roll a 1 or 2, or decide to stop rolling.
  • All numbers that are rolled are counted as points.
  • If a 1 is rolled, all points in that round are lost.
  • Alternatively, if playing with 2 dice, players can roll till they get a single 1. In that case, all points are lost.
  • If two 1s roll in a single turn, player earns 25 points. 
  • Same number on both rolls gets double points (two 2s = 8 points).
  • First player with 100 wins.

Fun Dice Games To Play #3. Yahtzee

  • Roll to get the best possible score.
  • Play goes clockwise.
  • Roll all 5 dice in 1st roll.
  • Depending on what you score and whether you want to stop or continue, you can roll up to 3 times in each turn.
  • Player with highest points wins.

Fun Dice Games To Play #4. Yardzee

  • Roll to get the best possible score.
  • Roll all 5 dice.
  • Depending on what you roll and whether or not you want to score more points, you can stop or re-roll.
  • You can roll up to 3 times in each turn.
  • Player with highest points wins.

Fun Dice Games To Play #5. 10000

  • Roll to get the best possible score.
  • You have to remove at least one dice in each roll.
  • You have to get at least 650 points before your points can be counted. 
  • If you have nothing to keep aside, you cannot roll and you lose all points in that turn.
  • Once a player reaches 10,000 points, all players get a chance to roll again.
  • Player with highest score wins.

Fun Dice Games To Play #6. 21

  • Roll all the 3 dice and use various addition, subtraction or multiplication combinations to come as close to the number 21 as possible.
  • If your points are closer to 21 than your partner’s, you earn 1 point.
  • If you get a 21, you score 2 points.
  • Player reaching 21 first wins.

Fun Dice Games To Play #7. Bunco

  • Divide players into 3 groups of 4.
  • Each group has 2 teams.
  • Teams take turns rolling 3 dice. 
  • Objective is to roll the same number as the round. For instance, roll 1 for round 1.
  • Round is over when a team scores 21 points.
  • Teams switch tables and places depending on whether they win or lose at their table. 
  • A player with maximum score end wins.

Fun Dice Games To Play #8. Liar’s Dice

  • In this bluffing game, players have to bluff and throw opponents off track.
  • If your bluff is successful, you will win.
  • If your bluff is called, you will lose.

Fun Dice Games To Play #9. On a Roll

  • One person rolls a dice and the number that comes up becomes the denominator.
  • Players roll dice and fill in the numerators.
  • Once these are filled, you have to add fractions.
  • It involves creating improper fractions and converting them to mixed numbers.
  • A player who gets a larger mixed number scores 1 point.

Fun Dice Games To Play #10. High Roller

  • You have to work as a partner.
  • Roll dice to create fractions.
  • A smaller number will be numerator and a larger one will be the denominator. 
  • You also have to use pictures, symbols or words to explain your answers.

Fun Dice Games To Play #11. Double Down

  • Play as partners.
  • Both of you will roll the dice.
  • If you roll near doubles, yell double down.
  • Keep rolling till your time is up.
  • Add your sums.
  • A player with the highest score wins. 

3 Situations Where Knowing These Dice Games Can Be Handy

Knowing how to play dice games can be a lot of fun. It’s inexpensive and easy and helps kill time:

1. While on vacation:

  • Often, dice games can be a great way to spend time on a vacation, especially if you are not too keen on walking around or exploring all the time.
  • If you are looking to spend a lot of time being in one place and just relaxing, then this could be a great addition.

2. No-spend weekends at home:

  • Most of the time, we end up going out on weekends and come back spending, even though it was not something we wanted to do or needed to do.
  • If you are bored and have nothing better to do than going out shopping, why not play some dice games at home? You can play these for hours, without going out, and without spending anything!

3. House party:

  • Try bringing out some fun dice games for your next house party and we can assure you your guests will be excited to play!
  • Whether you are playing as individuals or as teams, in a kids’ group, in adults’ group or as a family, dice games are fun for everyone.

Now that you have so many dice game options to choose from, start planning your next dice game scenario soon, where you can show off your newest gaming skills! Have fun playing.

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