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Play dice games for real money with our real money dice games list.


Are you looking for some dice games that you can play with money?

Are you planning to host a gambling or money game night and want to find out about some new games?

Do you want easy instructions to some of the most popular dice games that can be played with money?

If dice games that use money are what you are looking for, then we suggest you definitely read this article till the end. Why? Because, we bet that once you read about the different types of games we are talking about here, along with a complete set of easy instructions, setting up, scoring and winning rules, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

Also, if you thought these games have no real value but are just silly play, think again. Not only are these great for fun times, there are also some other benefits that you can get, when you next sit down with your friends or family to play these. If you’re not convinced, read and see what these are!

Option #1. CEE-LO

How to use money in this game

Players have to roll better dice combinations and win the money pot.

Materials Needed

  • 3 dice
  • Chips or money for betting

Setting up

  • Each player rolls a dice each.
  • The player with highest number will be the first banker.


  • The first banker (player 2) will make bets with the other players.
  • Player 2 bets 1 chip against player 1 and player 3 each.
  • Player 2 rolls 4,4,5.
  • Point is set at 5.
  • Player 3 rolls 4,4,1.
  • Pair+1 is a loss.
  • Player 2 collects the win.
  • Player 1 rolls 4,4,4.
  • This beats the combination of player 2.
  • Player 1 gets the bet.
  • To become the next banker, players will have to roll 4,5,6.
  • Player with highest value of chips in the end wins.


Instant win:

  • 4,5,6
  • Pair + 6
  • 3 of a kind

Instant loss:

  • 1,2,3
  • Pair + 1

Set Point:

  • Pair + 5
  • Pair + 4
  • Pair + 3
  • Pair + 2

Option #2. LCR/LRC

How to use money in this game

Players compete against each other to have the only remaining chip in the game.

Materials Needed

  • 3 dice
  • Chips or money for betting

Setting up

  • Each player gets 3 chips.
  • Decide who begins first.


  • Roll the dice.
  • Take action as per the roll.
  • Roll 4, pass one chip to player on left.
  • Roll 5, place a chip in the center.
  • Roll 6, pass one chip to player on right.
  • Roll 1,2,3, nothing happens. Next player rolls.
  • You can only roll as many dice as the number of chips you have.
  • 3 chips(roll 3 dice) 2 chips(roll 2 dice) and so on.
  • If you run out of chips you may still get some from another player.
  • Last player with chips gets chips placed in the center and wins.


  • Roll 4 – L
  • Roll 5 – C
  • Roll 6 – R
  • Roll 1,2,3 – nothing happens


How to use money in this game

Players bet on assumptions and win or lose as per outcome of the roll.

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Materials Needed

  • 2 dice
  • Chips to bet with

Setting up

Decide who will be the shooter.


  • Player can roll maximum 4 times in each round.
  • Only be one shooter at any given time.
  • Players can place bets once shooter takes the dice.
  • Players have to bet on pass or don’t pass.
  • Betting stops as soon as shooter throws the dice to roll.
  • Roll is 7 or 11- those who bet on pass will win.
  • Roll is 2,3,12 (craps)- those who bet on don’t pass will win.
  • If it’s none of the above numbers, number total is the Point.
  • Shooter rolls again.
  • If shooter rolls Point before getting a 7, those with pass bets win.
  • Else those with don’t pass bets will win.

Option #4. ACES IN THE POT

How to use money in this game

One winner gets accumulated money in the end.

Materials Needed

  • 2 dice
  • 2 chips per player
  • Pot to throw chips in

Setting up

Decide who begins play.


  • You lose a token if you roll a 1(ace) or a 6.
  • Player 1 rolls 4,1.
  • Places a token in the middle(for 1) and nothing for the 4.
  • Player 2 rolls 3,2.
  • Nothing happens.
  • Player 3 rolls 5,6.
  • A token is passed to player on left(for 6) and nothing for 5.
  • If you lose all tokens you can’t roll but can wait to get tokens from other players.

Only 1 token left:

First player who rolls both dice 3 times without getting a 6 will win the pot.


  • Roll 1 – place a token in the middle
  • Roll 6 – give a token to player on the left
  • Other numbers – nothing happens


How to use money in this game

This is essentially a game that helps children identify and understand their money.

Materials Needed

  • Coin bingo boards
  • Value bingo boards

Setting up

Hand out a coin bingo board and a value bingo board to each player.


  • Students will have to cover any coin on their board that they think matches the name or the value of a coin.
  • Once a row is covered, a student can call out bingo.

Are dice games more fun when there’s money on the line?

Everyone loves playing dice games, but sometimes, these are even more fun when there is money on the line, as it increases the motivation to play and win.

Are there dice games that require money as part of the game?

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Yes, there are quite a few dice games where you can use money as part of the game.

How is the money used in these games?

There are various ways to use money in dice games.

  • In some games, players have to keep the money as a pot which goes to the winner at the end of each round.
  • In some, players play with a roll of bill which is passed from one to the other.
  • In some cases, there is a bigger amount of money that accumulates as the game progresses and is given to the overall winner of the game.

Are these games for adults or are there money dice games for kids?

Yes, while there are many dice games for adults that use money, there are also various dice games for kids that involve money, such as Piggy’s Bank. These games are perfect for teaching about numbers, addition and subtraction and are often also used as teaching methods in school.

Skills to learn from playing dice games with money

In addition to just being fun, there are quite a few things that you can also learn when you please dice games with money:

  • Learn about managing your money well
  • This offer makes you more responsible
  • Keeps you alert and observant of how others are playing and using their money
  • Teaches about probability
  • Teaches about risk taking and when to back off
  • This choice improves social skills
  • This offer improves number skills
  • Teaches about profit and loss

With so many benefits of the game, we are sure you are already planning your next game night. Since money will be involved, make sure to be careful and play safe by using your judgement well.

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