L C R Dice Games: Lcr® Left Center Right™ Rules

See the how to play left center right dice games in our LCR dice game rules guide.


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What are L C R dice games?

What do these letters stand for?

Is this type of game easy to play, or is it very challenging?

LCR is a dice game that stands for Left, Center, Right. The game is extremely simple and is easy to learn in just a couple of minutes. When playing the base game with no changes to the rules, there’s not really any strategizing involved, and the game is left up to random chance and dice rolls.

Because of the lack of strategy, this game is great for kids. It’s also a fun game for adults who want to bet on it with real money, and it can easily be altered into a drinking game as well with just a few simple tweaks to the rules.

In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to play LCR. We’ll give you a quick but thorough breakdown of the rules and help you understand all the elements required to play this game.

At the end of the article, we’ll show you some of our favorite LCR dice kits you can purchase for use in your home, too. These dice kits are affordable, high-quality, and perfect for any games that may come your way.

If you’re looking to learn more about LCR or even find a way to expand your previous LCR experiences, read on!

How to Play the LCR Dice Game

Players Needed: Ideally, 3; the game can be played with 2 using modified rules or with up to 6, but a group of 3 is the best choice

Materials Needed:

  • 3 “LCR” dice (these are dice that are printed with L, C, and R)
  • Chips for betting (optionally, use money, candies, or anything else you have on hand)
  • Large table or open space


  • Begin by having everyone sit in a circle around the game area, either at the table or on the floor with plenty of space in between.
  • Give each player 3 chips to start with and set the other chips aside for the time being.
  • Each player should roll the three LCR dice. The player who gets the highest number of dots on their roll is the one who goes first.

How to play:

  • The rules are very simple. Roll the dice, and respond accordingly.
  • Each die has the ability to end up on either L, C, R, or some of the dots. Players roll all three dice at the same time—unless they only have one or two chips, in which case they roll only one or two dice.
  • If a player rolls L, they must give a chip to the player to their left.
  • If a player rolls R, they must give a chip to the player to their right.
  • If a player rolls C, they must give a chip to the Center, or the pot, in the middle of all the players.
  • If a player rolls dots, they may keep that number of chips.
  • For example, if a player holds 3 chips, they roll 3 dice. If the dice read L, C, and 1 dot, the player must give a chip to the person to their left, add one chip to the center pot, and may keep 1 chip for themselves.

How to keep score:

  • There is no real scorekeeping in this game; simply look at how many chips a player is holding to know where they stand in the gameplay.
  • This game is fast-paced and can change very quickly due to the random chance involved in rolling the dice to determine the outcome of a round.

How to win:

  • The winner of the game is the player who manages to hold all the chips that are in play in the game.
  • If you’re playing with real money, the winner earns all the money in the pot as well.
  • If you’ll be paying another round, the winner gets to go first in the next round.


Now that you know how to play, it’s time to pick up a set of dice for your own home. Remember that many of these options are very similar, but they all offer something a little bit different too—whether it’s a twist in the gameplay, a change in the color scheme you’re used to, or just a unique tin you might want to add to your game shelf.

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Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to be pleased with the results. LCR is an ideal game for parties, family game night, friend gatherings, and even for teaching kids math and directional skills. You can get a lot out of a game or two of LCR, so don’t hesitate to bring home a set.

Here are some of the best LCR dice game products available today. Check out our recommendations to help you find the perfect set for your needs:

Option #1. LCR Dice Game

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If you’re looking for a great simple tin that contains everything you need to play one of your favorite dice games, look no further than this [amazon link=”B003I64OT6″ title=”LCR Dice Game” /]. This game contains three dice cubes that are marked specifically for a game of LCR as well as 24 chips needed for gameplay. Everything comes in a durable blue tin that’s sure to look great on your game shelf.


  • This game is a great way to help kids learn left and right as well as some simple math concepts that are necessary for playing the game successfully.
  • The game is fast-paced and great for parties as well as family game night, and both adults and kids are sure to enjoy playing it.


  • Some customers report this game’s tin not staying shut, and the items inside rattling around too much or getting lost easily because of this.
  • The game is much smaller than it seems like it would be, and may be smaller than some customers expect.

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Option #2. LCR Wild Dice Game

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This [amazon link=”B00CMRD4SY” title=”LCR Wild Dice Game” /] gives you a new fun way to enjoy a round or two of LCR with your friends and family. This game includes a fourth Wild dice that changes up the gameplay and adds a twist to this old classic favorite. The new dice also allows players to make more choices about how to strategize with their moves.


  • The game is much more challenging and interesting to adults with a strategic element involved rather than relying on chance alone.
  • This game is fun for larger groups as well as smaller gatherings.


  • A round only lasts about 15 minutes, so it’s too quick for some.
  • The lid may not stay shut on the box.

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Option #3. Left Center Right Dice Game

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Get started with a quick game of LCR with this [amazon link=”B0093P5Y7M” title=”Left Center Right Dice Game” /]. This handy tube comes with all three dice plus 24 chips to help you prepare to play any time. With such a quick and easy setup, the game is great for kids to play together as well as for adult parties where players may use real money, too.


  • The tube is durable and holds all the items well.
  • It only takes a few minutes to learn how to play this game.


  • The tube may not always look like the one pictured.
  • Some games may arrive missing dice.

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Option #4. Left Center Right Collector’s Tin

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When you want a special set to show off your love of LCR, check out this [amazon link=”B003I64OV4″ title=”Left Center Right Collector’s Tin” /]. This classy silver tin comes with three dice, a dice cup, and 24 plastic chips you can use for betting if you don’t want to use candy or real money.


  • This game is so easy to learn and fun to play that many parents report getting their kids to enjoy time away from electronics without even having to ask.
  • The pieces that come with this game are durable and long-lasting.


  • This game may arrive missing the instructions.
  • The container is large for such a small game.

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Option #5. LCR Dice Game 4 Sets

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When you want to have several rounds of LCR going at one or want to give some games as stocking stuffers, try this [amazon link=”B01EIN11JS” title=”LCR Dice Game 4 Sets” /] option. This pack of dice games comes with four complete sets, each of which includes three dice and 24 chips.


  • The individual games are color-coded for convenience.
  • The tubes are sturdy and the dice won’t chip or break easily.


  • The dice are a bit lightweight and may not roll well because of this.
  • The package may arrive missing some pieces.

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Each of these games is sure to help you find just what you’re looking for. And if you’re thinking of giving a game of LCR to your friends or family for the next holiday, don’t forget to stock up from our list and bring home several great variations you can hand out to the people you know. This way, you’ll never be too far away from a game of LCR!

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