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  • Easy-to-learn rules make it accessible for players of all ages.
  • A depth of strategy that encourages repeat play to master your skills.
  • Many different paths to victory from building the tallest tower to following your blueprints exactly.

Are you looking for some fun board games that you can play with dice?

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Are you looking for features and reviews for dice board games before you buy one?

If you love playing board games with dice, then we’re sharing some of the best games that you can buy online. We talk about features, reviews, price range and pros and cons for some really fun dice board games.

Don’t forget to read our tips that will help you choose the best board games. So without wasting any time anywhere else, read on!

9 Of The Best Dice Board Games

Dice Board Games #1. Pandasaurus Games Machi Koro 5th Anniversary Edition

Pandasaurus Games Machi Koro Board Game | Japanese City Building...

This evergreen game comes with new 3D molded custom coins in 3 different sizes and colours in its brand new edition! Now you don’t have to use punchboard money any more. This choice also features a new 20mm chunky dice as well as a new revised rulebook that makes it easier to set up the game and play. You are the new Mayor and have to meet various citizen demands such as jobs, theme parks, radio tower, cheese factories and so on. Your aim is to grow the city by collecting funds through various sources.

The game finishes in 30 minutes and you can play with up to 3 players.


  • Good for entire family
  • Easy for kids to understand
  • Doesn’t take hours


  • Not very challenging

Dice Board Games #2. Z-Man Games Blueprints


Players are architects in this game, who have to compete to create the greatest architectural marvels using materials you are provided. You’ll have to use glass, stone, wood and recycled material to create something that your opponents will envy. You earn points based on best construction in each round, leading to a final win.

The game is suitable for ages 13 and above and finishes in 20 minutes with 2-4 players.


  • Needs you to be alert
  • Finishes fast
  • Interesting strategies


  • Not many paths to win

Dice Board Games #3. Floodgate Games Sagrada – Board Game

Sagrada - Board Game by Floodgate Games

This game sees you becoming a skilled artisan who has to use various tools and planning to make a single stained glass window masterpiece. You take turns drafting glass pieces and choosing where to place the same in your window. All this happens with what you roll with the dice, and you also have to keep others’ talent and considerations in mind while creating yours, so that you can show off your artistic side in the best way.

The game is suited for ages 12 and up, and finishes in about 30 minutes with 1 to 4 players.


  • One of the prettiest board games
  • Shared as well as secret goals
  • Great for family play


  • Vague instructions

Dice Board Games #4. Rio Grande Games Yspahan

In this game you are a merchant who has a caravan bearing various goods such as gold, jewels and other things. Depending on what you roll out, you will have to place your merchandise in the appropriate shops that will help you earn points. You will also have to send your merchandise to the caravan and build bridges that will enable travelling.

The game takes about an hour or less and requires 3-4 players. It is suitable for players aged 12 to 16.


  • An old classic brought to life
  • Ability to re-play
  • Easy to learn


  • None as yet

Dice Board Games #5. Z-Man Games Pandemic: The Cure

Pandemic The Cure Board Game (Base Game) | Board Game for Adults...

This is a standalone game and is the dice-based version of the very popular board game Pandemic. There are four diseases that are threatening the world and you and your team have to race to save humanity. New ‘infection dice’ are rolled out at the end of each round, which keeps the action on.

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The game is suited for ages 8 and above, takes about 30 minutes and best played with 2-5 players.


  • Better movement
  • Levels of complexity
  • Strategy-building


  • Print not very clear

Dice Board Games #6. Roll for The Galaxy Board Game by Rio Grande Games

Roll for The Galaxy Board Game

This is a strategy game where you have to build space empires, develop technologies, ship goods and more. Player managing workers the best way and building the most prosperous empire will win.

The game is suitable for ages 13-15 and finishes within 45 minutes.


  • Multiple opportunities to change game
  • Family game
  • Player-friendly


  • Slow and confusing

Dice Board Games #7. Panamax Board Game by Stronghold Games 

Panamax Board Game

In this game you manage a shipping company involves moving ships and delivering cargo across different routes. This best dice board was specifically timed with the 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal. You have to accumulate wealth and make investments to win.

It’s suitable for players aged 13-15 and finishes in 90-120 minutes with 2-4 players.


  • Smart money-handling
  • This offer makes you think
  • Have to be alert


  • More about stocks

Dice Board Games #8. Quarriors Dice Building Game

Quarriors Dice Building Game

This game comes with 130 custom dice, more than 50 spell cards and fast gaming. You are a strong mystical warrior and have to cast powerful spells to fight off your rivals. The game comes in a beautiful collectible box.

The game is suitable for ages 14+ and finishes within 30 minutes with 2-4 players.


  • Various strategies
  • Dice Board Gamesal rules
  • Finishes fast


  • Choose vendor carefully

Dice Board Games #9. King of Tokyo Board Game – First edition by IELLO

In this game you play mutant monsters, aliens, robots and such and fight off your opponents. Your aim is to become the only King of Tokyo. You can buy special cards and further increase your chances of winning.

The game is suitable for ages 8+ and finishes within 30 minutes with 2-6 players.


  • Interesting characters
  • Simple setup
  • Good strategy


  • No room for expansion components

How do you play board games with dice?

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Board games with dice primarily involve the use of dice. The way the dice rolls can change the outcome and further gameplay.

When is a good time to play these games?

Board games are fun to play with your family and friends and can be a great addition to your games night, family get-togethers and such. You can also play these at cafes or pubs, especially if it is an adult setting and you are playing a drinking version.

Who can enjoy playing these games?

The best part about playing board dice games is that young as well as older children and adults can enjoy these games in the same way.

What makes these games fun?

Dice board games always involve a turn of luck, which means that no matter how much you try, you cannot predict the game, and need to be prepared for twists and turns through the game. Also, as the game depends on the way each player rolls the dice, you also have to be constantly alert and observant.

3 tips for choosing the board dice games to play

1. Consider everyone’s interest: Keep your guests’ interests in mind to pick something that everyone enjoys.

2. Age-appropriate: Pick something age-appropriate so that no one feels bored.

3. Keep time in mind: Choose between those that end in 30 minutes or longer ones depending on how much time you have.

Go through the games we have shared and buy one that will suit your needs the most. Enjoy playing!

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