Yahtzee Dice Games: How To Play Yahtzee

Learn how to play the Yahtzee dice game with our Yahtzee dice games list and play guide.


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Classic Yahtzee, An Exciting Game Of Skill And Chance
6,799 Reviews
Classic Yahtzee, An Exciting Game Of Skill And Chance
  • A CLASSIC: Yahtzee - one of the most popular dice games since its introduction in the 1950s, with Over 50 million...
  • WHAT’S IN A NAME: The name of the game is also the name of the best hand. The odds of rolling a “Yahtzee” (5...
  • STRATEGIC: While luck plays a big role in Yahtzee, strategy makes a huge difference. You score each combination...

How popular are Yahtzee dice games?

Are there other names for this Yahtzee dice game?

Where did the game come from, and is it easy to learn how to play?

When it comes to dice games Yahtzee is one of the most widely recognized. This Yahtzee dice game, which was originally sold as Yatzie in the 1940s, actually dates back even further than this and has its roots in traditional German and Puerto Rican games as well.

There are other games that are very similar to Yahtzee, including Yamb, Balut, and Kismet. These Yahtzee dice games are not exactly the same as Yahtzee, but they are extremely close in gameplay and mechanics. They may have different rules, however, or a few changes here and there, so make sure to read up on the rules for each specific game you try from this list.

When it comes down to it, Yahtzee is one of the best options for poker-style dice games out there. This Yahtzee dice game is a little complicated to learn how to play at first, but once players get the hang of scoring, they have an easy time of enjoying rounds of Yahtzee together.

In this how to play Yahtzee article, we’ll give you a rundown of how to play Yahtzee so you can understand the scoring method. This guide will also help you follow the basic principles of this Yahtzee dice game. Check out the recommendations at the end to help locate a Yahtzee game you’ll want to play again and again.

How to Play Yahtzee

Players Needed For This Yahtzee Dice Game: At minimum, 2 players; the game is much more fun with 4 or more players, but it can be enjoyed with 2 or 3 as well

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Materials Needed For This Yahtzee Dice Game:

  • Large table or other flat space for playing
  • Yahtzee game, OR
  • 5 (6-sided) dice
  • Cup or shaker for rolling dice
  • Scorecards for keeping track


  • To begin with, have everyone sit around the table. There’s no need to sit in a circle as long as everyone is within easy dice-passing distance from each other.
  • Each player should take turns using the dice cup to roll the five dice and counting up their total results.
  • The player who gets the highest roll goes first.

How to play:

  • The first player rolls the set of 5 dice and looks at their results.
  • They can then choose to keep or re-roll their dice. Depending on house rules (and which variation of Yahtzee you may be playing), some versions may specify that players have to keep at least one dice per roll. Others say that all five dice can be re-rolled in a turn.
  • Any dice that have been chosen for re-rolling may then be rolled.
  • The process repeats one more time. Players have up to three chances to roll some or all of their dice, but after their third roll, they must write something down on their scorecard.
    • This means that, if a player kept trying to get a higher score but instead got a bad score on the third turn, they must take the bad score for that round and pass play to the next person.

How to keep score:

  • Scoring in Yahtzee is complicated to those who have never played it before, but with a little practice, it’s easy enough to pick up the method.
  • Each player has a scorecard that includes 13 boxes. Some of the boxes are on the top and some are on the bottom of the card.
  • In the upper section, players score by counting the total number of dice they roll that match the box, and adding the results.
    • In other words, if a player rolls four 3’s, the score for the 3’s box would be 12.
  • Scoring 63 points on the top half of the scorecard means a player can earn a large scoring bonus that makes it difficult for anyone else to win.
  • The bottom of the card contains combinations that must be met in order to score. The points scored for these combinations varies depending on the combinations themselves.
    • For example, three of a kind, full house, etc.

How to win:

  • Gameplay continues around the table until everyone playing has written something down for all 13 rounds on their individual scorecards.
  • Players must then add up their points and get a final score.
  • The player with the highest score wins. If the group is going to play again, the winner may go first in the next game.
  • A big part of winning Yahtzee relies on strategizing about which dice to keep and which to roll again when trying to make combinations. The game is a little bit like poker in a way because of this.

Learn How To Play Yahtzee Today

Do you feel a little more prepared to play Yahtzee? Now that you’ve had a chance to read up on the rules, you should be ready to try your hand at a round or two with your friends or family. Remember that, although this Yahtzee dice game may seem daunting at first, it’s actually not that difficult to get the hang of. Take your time, play a few practice rounds, and don’t forget to check out our list of Yahtzee game recommendations below to help you find the best pick for your needs.

Take a look at our top picks below:

Yahtzee Dice Game #1. Yahtzee


This Yahtzee game is a simple set that comes with five dice, a shaker, and several scorecards to help you get started. If you’re looking for a basic and very affordable Yahtzee option, look no further than this quick and easy variation of the game.


  • This version of Yahtzee is great for ages eight and up and ideally for three or more players, although two can enjoy it as well.
  • The game usually arrives intact.


  • The plastic cup may be too noisy for some players.
  • The cup may not be a great shape for rolling the dice and could affect those who have a dice rolling strategy.

Yahtzee Dice Game #2. Yahtzee to Go Travel Game

Hasbro Yahtzee to Go Travel Game 2014 Gaming

This Yahtzee to Go Travel Game is a simple way to enjoy Yahtzee anywhere, anytime! This Yahtzee dice game comes with a durable plastic tub that holds the dice and can also be used to roll the dice during gameplay. This is a great product for kids and adults alike.


  • The game includes scorecards, which are not always easy to find in travel versions of Yahtzee.
  • The dice and container are durable and ready for use on the go.


  • The shaker is very noisy and may be annoying on car trips or rude during plane travel.
  • The game may arrive missing some of the pieces in rare instances.

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Yahtzee Dice Game #3. Classic Yahtzee

Classic Yahtzee, An Exciting Game Of Skill And Chance

This Classic Yahtzee game is designed to look like it did when it was released in the 1950s. This set comes with a traditional cup, several scorecards, five dice, and eight chips for gameplay purposes. Everything is stored in an attractive traditional-style box with an old-fashioned look.


  • The cup that comes with this set is better than those that come with the others listed here.
  • The box looks great on any shelf.


  • The cup isn’t lined, so it may be very noisy.

The game doesn’t come with very scorecards in the pad, so you may need to buy more.

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