Dice Game Liar: How To Play Liar’S Dice Rules

Learn how to play liar's dice game with our liars dice play guide.


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Are you planning to play the Liar’s Dice game at your next get-together?

Have you never played this game before and want some easy to follow instructions?

Would you like to check out some cool Liar’s Dice products that you can buy online?

If you are someone who loves dice games, then this is one game you will love playing with your family and friends. Never played it before? Don’t worry. Because today, we will share a complete tutorial with you that will help you understand all steps of the game, from how to set up, to what you need, to how to keep score and win.

Not just that, we will also review some cool Liar’s Dice game products for you that you can buy online. Make sure to check out the pros and cons, as well as know the price range of the products and the features they have.

Is liar’s dice a game for adults or kids or both? 

The main aim of the game is to bluff and deceive your opponent and try and detect your opponent’s deception. This is why it is best played amongst adults or older children. 

Is this game known by any other name? 

The Liar’s Dice game is known by many other names, such as:

  • Dudo
  • Bluff (in Germany)
  • Call My Bluff
  • Pirate’s Dice
  • Doubting Dice
  • Mexacali or Mexican (the drinking version)
  • Perudo
  • Dadinho
  • Deception Dice
  • Cachito

Where and when did the game originate from? 

The game originated in South America around the 16th century.

How to play Dice Game Liar

Here is a very simple yet descriptive step-by-step tutorial that you can easily follow to play this game:

Number of players to play in each round

The game is best played between 2 and 5 players

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Materials Needed:

  • A rolling cup for each player
  • 5 dice for each player
  • A sturdy surface to play on

Setting up a new round

  • Each player starts by putting his/her dice(5) in the rolling cup and give the cup a shake.
  • Next, they have to turn the cup down and take a look at their dice.

Step by step instructions to play the game

  • You can start off by telling the other players something about what you got, such as, “I have two 4s.”
  • Now, the next player could say something such as, “I have three 4s” or “I have two 5s” (which is a higher score than the 4) and so on.
  • This will continue till all the players have mentioned what they got after rolling.
  • Players can basically call out a bid without even really having the numbers they said they do.
  • What you have to try and do here is to try and guess how many 4s are there face-up on the surface, from all the rolled numbers that all the players are playing for. 
  • So, as the game moves forward and players keep saying out what they got, you have to be careful and try and spot when a player could be lying.
  • For instance, if a player says “I have seven 6s” it could be a highly unlikely situation. At this point, you can challenge the player and call out “Liar”.
  • At this point, the player who is sitting next to that player (who was pointed out as being the ‘liar’) will turn up their cup and would count out the mentioned 6s.
  • Now all the players will turn up their cup and will count how many 6s are there face-up.
  • In case there are seven or more 6s face-up, the player who has called out ‘Liar’ will lose one of their dice and keep it away from the game.
  • However, if the player who claimed to have the seven 6s loses, if there are less than seven 6s with face-up, then that player will lose one of their dice. 

How to keep score

  • Depending on what you bid and whether or not you are caught out, you will keep or lose dice.
  • The same goes for your opponents.

How to win at Liar’s Dice

You will continue to keep playing till only one player has 1 dice left.  

3 Awesome Liar’s Dice Games on Amazon

Here are 3 fun Liar’s Dice games that you can easily buy online:

Option #1. Liar’s Dice by Front Porch Classics

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This exciting bluffing game of [amazon link=”B000EDUO5O” title=”Liar’s Dice from Front Porch Classics” /] comes in a beautiful and classic looking wooden box that is shaped like a dice. Not only is this a super fun game to have and play with, but when you are not playing, you can also use it as a piece for your home décor.

The game comes with 4 plastic dice shakers, a storage bag where you can safely keep all the dice and a 20 game dice. It also comes with an instruction manual that will help new players understand the game. This game will be most suitable for those who are aged 8 and above and can be played best between 2 and 4 players. The dimensions of the product are 5 X 5 X 5 inches.


  • Very easy to learn and play
  • Comes in a beautiful storage box that looks good in the house
  • Perfect for personal use or for gifting purposes


  • Choose vendor carefully

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Option #2. Mr. B Games Liar’s Dice 30th Anniversary Edition

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This 30th anniversary edition of the [amazon link=”B01LZDEAAQ” title=”Liar’s Dice game by Mr. B Games” /] comes in a board games box. This option is made out of very sturdy and high quality components that will let you enjoy many rounds of gaming for a long time to come.

The game comes with sturdy dice cups, as well as a rubber mat to make it easier to play on and dice. This game will be most suitable for those who are aged 6 and above and can be played best between 2 and 6 players. This option takes about 30 to 45 minutes to finish up the game. The dimensions of the product are 12 X 3 X 12 inches.


  • Play as pre or post game or on its own
  • Perfect for an adult setting or for family nights
  • This choice makes a great gift


  • Choose vendor carefully

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Option #3. Liar’s Dice by Board Games Assorted Milton Bradley 

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This version of the Liar’s Dice game from the brand [amazon link=”B000AKG5AY” title=”Board Games Assorted Milton Bradley” /] comes in a brightly coloured format that will keep the party mode on right from the start! It also has a bright and colourful board that will make it even more entertaining for players of all age groups.

The game comes with a game board, 31 dice, 6 rolling cups and an instruction manual. The game is best suited for those aged 10 and above. Dimensions of the product are 15.4 X 8.7 X 3 inches.


  • Vintage edition
  • Perfect for kids and adults
  • Great gift


  • Only available on Amazon

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Now that you know how to play the game, you can start off by playing it simple or get one of those games from Amazon and use it to add more fun to your party or game night!

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