Mexican Dice Games: How To Play Mexico Dice Game

Learn how to play mexican dice with our mexico dice game guide.


Have you heard about the popular dice game called Mexican dice?

Do you want to know how to play the game, especially if you have never played it before?

Are you looking for some easy to understand steps that will help you start playing the game?

If you have never played the game of Mexican dice, this is the time and place where you can begin! All you need to do to start playing this game is to read through the easy to understand steps that we will share here, and learn how to play the game from the start, step by step.

We will share with you detailed instructions of how you can set up the game, how many players you can play with, what materials you may need to play the game, the different type of scoring combinations and how you can keep score, as well as how you can win. We also tell you why you should learn this game and where all it can come in handy. So without waiting, read on and play!

Mexican Dice Game: QUICK & EASY Tutorial

Check out this easy to understand and follow tutorial that will give you all the information you need to play the Mexican dice game:

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How many players can play? 

  • The good part about the Mexican dice game is that you can play it with any number of players.
  • However, the best number of players to play the game with is three or more players.

Materials Needed

  • A pair of dice
  • A rolling cup
  • Drinks
  • Something to bet with
  • A sturdy surface to roll the dice on

How do you set up a new round?

  • Decide how many rounds you all want to play
  • Decide which player will begin the game

STEP BY STEP Instructions

  • The first player will place both the dice in the rolling cup and give it a shake.
  • Now, instead of immediately putting out the dice for the roll, the player will have to be very careful so as not to let the other players see what they roll.
  • The player will have to carefully place the dice on the surface, and shield it from the other players.
  • Now they have to see what they have rolled, memorize it, and then place the rolling cup back on the dice.
  • Alternatively, if you are planning to play on a bluff, you can simply roll the dice in the cup.
  • Once you do so, you can choose to not see them, but just place them on the surface and immediately cover them with the rolling cup.
  • Whichever of the above options the player chooses to go with, they have to announce what their roll was (whether true or bluffing).
  • Next, the player has to pass on the dice and the rolling cup in a clockwise motion to the next player.
  • The player has to be careful to not move the dice and let it stay in its original rolled position.
  • This next player will not look at the numbers on the dice.
  • This player will either accept what the first player announced they have rolled, or will challenge their claim.
  • If they are challenging the previous player, they can announce the challenge, and then open up the rolling cup to look at the dice that was previously rolled.
  • In case the player does not want to challenge the previous player, they will just take out the dice and roll it and repeat the process of hiding it from the other players.
  • They can then decide to see what they have rolled and announce the same, or play bluff and announce something.
  • The same process will keep repeating till all players get a chance and till you play the number of rounds you had decided at the start of the game.

How do you keep score?

Depending on whether you are playing it as a drinking game or as a gambling game, the players will gain from their wins.

  • Roll 1, 2: Eventual loser drinks twice of what was previously agreed.
  • Roll 1,3: Eventual loser immediately drinks a pre-determined amount of alcohol.
  • Roll any doubles: Score 100 times the value the single value of the double. For instance, rolling two 4s scores 400.
  • Roll any other combination: The higher number will be taken first. For instance, roll 5,3 is 53 = score 53.
  • Player with least scores in each round loses.

How can you win at Mexican Dice?

  • If the numbers on the dice are lower than what the previous player had announced, then they will lose the challenge and the challenger wins.
  • If the numbers on the dice are equal or greater than what the previous player had announced, then they will win the challenge and the challenger will lose.

How popular is the game Mexican Dice?

  • The Mexican dice game is a type of elimination dice game.
  • It is a very popular and fun game that is usually played by people with a group of friends in the pub or at the bar.

Is this game known by any other names?

  • One variation of the Mexican dice game is the dice game known as Liar’s Dice.
  • The game is also known as Mia or Mexican and Mexican 21.

Where and when did the game originate from?

While the exact origin details of the Mexican dice game, including when and where it came from are not very clear, it is a game that has influences from the Mexican culture.

How easy is it to learn and play?

The Mexican dice game is extremely easy to understand and to play, which is what makes it such a popular drinking and gambling game.


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If you are wondering when and where you can actually play this game and why to play it, here are a few cool reasons:

1. Take your house drinking party to the pub:

  • Instead of having your friends at home and drinking, you can take the entire gang to your favourite club or pub.
  • Make it more fun while drinking and playing!

2. Fun way to make new friends:

  • This can also be a fun way to interact with strangers at the pub or club, especially if you want to approach them but don’t know how to start a conversation.
  • Use the game as your excuse to speak!

3. Bring the casino experience at home:

  • If you are not able to head to the casino and indulge in some gambling, use a safer and easier version of the same at home!
  • Try this drinking and gambling game at home, where you can play smaller stakes and make it more about the fun, instead of just the gambling part.

Learning and playing the Mexican dice game can be a lot of fun, whether you are playing it for the first time or are playing again after a long gap. Get your friends together and play it out as you all drink and share some laughs over gambling bets.

But remember, if you are playing this as a drinking or gambling game, be responsible and safe. Use your own judgement while playing. Also, DO NOT drink and drive.

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